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There was a test once done where researchers took a large group of people and made them each take 3 free basketball free throws. They then split this large group of people into three separate groups: A, B, and C. They told group A to play basketball for 1 hour a day. They told group B to not touch a basketball but just think about it, and visualize themselves playing basketball every single day. They told group C to not play at all and do nothing related to basketball. The groups continued these schedules for the next 30 days. With this, they found shocking results. Group A, who had been practicing for an hour a day, improved by 24%. Group C, who didn’t practice at all, made no progress. However, what was shocking was group B. Those individuals who just visualized and focused directly on their goal of getting better at free throws, improved by 23%. Almost matching the results of group A. This is direct proof that if you visualize and relentlessly think about achieving something, it is achievable. 

If you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand.

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