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No secrets here. Just follow these simple steps:

Strength Building

1. Less is better

Try to stick to three or four lifts per workout. Keeping your workouts short helps you take advantage of hormonal surges. When you do too many exercises in a session, at least some of them get done half-assed. 


2. Progressively overload


Add weight as you are completing sets. This will constantly put strain on your muscles and "shock" them. 

3. Aim for a lower rep range


Try to aim for 6-8 rep range with a substantial weight for your ability. This will essentially result in your body to "adapt" to carry a heavier weight.


4. Take it slow

When performing reps take it slow. Let your muscles do the work rather than momentum. This will help you  stretch the muscle fibres for growth.

5. Eat at a calorie surplus

You must eat more food to allow you to carry out heavy lifts and to pack on muscle.

Here is an example of a workout you can perform.

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Strength Building Workout

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