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Balboa's Battle

 Most people look at Rocky as a simple inspirational sports story of the lucky underdog winning the day. But actually the movie isn't even about boxing or rocky versus Apollo; boxing is just the canvas upon which the real story is painted; a man looking for identity and purpose. To figure out how Rocky owns his moment so well we first have to examine who Rocky really is. It is from the opening scene in rocky we learn quite a lot about him. We see that he's not particularly talented within his chosen profession and that he doesn't take his training seriously.  He's not very well  respected by the supposed “fans” that came to watch even though he won the fight. Generally speaking he's friendly around the neighborhood and he's also clearly craving some kind of emotional connection as he lives in a very rundown place with little to no comforts; a place which by modern standards might even be called a slum. At the very most he's had a very basic education of most people wouldn't and don't consider himself to be a bright guy he makes so little from his career as a boxer that he has to work as an enforcer for a local mobster, a job which he never really feels comfortable in but continues to do anyway.


Rocky also seems to suffer from a lack of self belief and confidence which is reflected in the antagonist of his home. The basic and repetitive wardrobe and his choice of love, interest rocky decides to pursue a shy and very introverted pet shop worker whose wardrobe and attitude reflects is on partly because the down-to-earth and empathic side of him sees a person waiting to break free from the prison's of their own personality just like himself but he also chooses Adrienne because she represents 

the safest possible choice even if she does reject him he will always tell himself it's because of her shyness and not a result of her not liking him it's an attempt to make a connection while completely protecting his own .

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