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Basketball Workout

Basketball is one of the most influential sports taking center stage as the NBA in the US while being quite prominent in and around Europe as well. Playing it can be quite daunting considering the difficulty of the sport however we at TheGOALkeeper will help break it down for you into simple ways for you to pick up the sport and stick to it. Not only will you improve your skill at one of the most popular sports, the programme will help build your speed, agility and vertical as well as overall sports knowledge and fitness. Attached at the end is the format for each training session where you fill it in according to how you have done. It is important to keep note of all this information so you can track your progress. Anyone can carry out this programme however it will be more able for young athletes looking to pick up basketball as it is quite fitness extensive. Refer to our agility programme to build starting fitness if this programme is too hard.

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